Untitled-5The Training of Trainers course participants share their thoughts on the course, on various topics taught there as well as other broader innovation related topics in this regular blog post series. In this blog post Lan from NATEC writes about the need of having coaches in Vietnam startup ecosystem.


The startup movement has reached full swing in Viet Nam. Everyday, there are many events, articles, Facebook posts on how to start or develop a startup. Perhaps you would like to participate in the community, but you might be unsure which among the potentially hundreds of ideas to start first or even which one will succeed.

Or maybe you see problems which you could develop a solution for, thereby creating value for others and yourself. Unfortunately, you don’t have that solution yet. Let’s think about how to start: if you don’t start, then you can never get your solution ready to share with the world. So if you truly want to get involved with startups, then you should try to find out which one of your ideas would inspire/help/aid people the most, or focus on what people are doing for themselves to overcome challenges in their lives, etc. These problem areas are full opportunities and the experiences gained from trying to come up with a solution for them might be worth more than years in school. Ultimately, a combination of practice and theory are the best ingredients for you to create success in your life.

Diagram 1

What you learn at school or what you think in your mind are just like the core pivots in the above picture, or its outline frame. It is not false, but concepts are never standalone. There are always many other hidden linked factors. One of the best ways is to go out more, discover the other possible links. From there, you can see new different shapes of the world. Discovering connections is an important part of the innovation world.
However, never go without a specific goal in mind. This will keep your focus on what you are searching for. More importantly, if you clearly define what could make your goal succeed or fail, then it will help you explain what’s wrong with the way you search and derive a better goal and searching methods in subsequent discoveries! Start making this small change today: it’s the beginning for your future innovative lifestyle.

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